Dec 13, 2017

From The Inside Out With ‘SKINADE’


SKINADE – The Fountain Of Youth

I am a huge believer in the saying ‘be healthy from the inside out’. Supplements contribute to that statement as well as eating healthy regular meals, drinking plenty of water everyday, regular exercise, taking good care of the skin all over your body and finally finding down time to actually relax your mind and body whether it be a few hot baths a week or taking a few moments to stop and meditate after a hard days work and even perhaps taking a weekend off and staying in your pjs all day without scrolling through your social media for two hours each day! (…new research has confimred).

How I Found It

I came across Skinade via a friend after she had been taking it for a month or so and had felt a difference already.
So here I am 3 months on and I’m addicted! First of all I’m quite funny with how things taste and feel in my mouth so after attempting to do the Green Matcha shot each morning (which quite honestly is really not nice!) I put supplement drinks to the side for a while, that is until Skinade popped up. I decided to take to the challenge of Skinade, having it each morning to start with then i switched to taking it in the evening (evenings are best as this is a crucial time for your bodies rejuvenation to take place) I found it has a delightful peachy/orange taste that is so easy to drink that I now take it with my daily vitamins and oils no problem at all.

So What Is Skinade?

It’s a perfect size drink that contains a formulation of active ingredients that get to work on the skin from within. With a generous amount of hydrolysed marine Collagen 7000mg’s to be precise (the normal amount in tablets being around a 1000!) to stimulate and replicate our Collagen supplies from within the skin. Blended with Vitamin C to brighten the skins complexion, reduce skin damage via its high strength antioxidant properties, high levels of Omega 3 to boost our essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid to increase our hydration levels and hold onto water…the list goes on… its fair enough to say this product works! Being a liquid form allows the active ingredients to work quicker then a tablet form as it gets straight into the blood stream allowing the body to quickly absorb and make use of the actives.

The Result

So I found I didn’t see or feel any difference for about 3-4 weeks, which is a normal time for anything to get into the system and begin to work. After 4 weeks I started to feel a bit more alive in the mornings and I have a little more energy throughout the day (which is always a bonus!) Following on from that 7 weeks in, my skin felt more hydrated then usual and it appears to be holding hydration rather then losing it through the day, meaning no dry patches were appearing just a healthy glow!

Evidently I ran out of Skinade for three weeks and that was when I really noticed it WAS making a difference for me, my skin felt tighter as if it was starting to dry out and it seemed to dull down a little bit. This is enough of a reason for me to continue with this fantastic supplement drink as the skin is the last organ to receive any goodness, knowing the benefits my skin has felt tells me my organs will be feeling the same.

And To wrap it up…

This product is for both men and women that need a general all round boost, maybe you feel like your missing something in your skin routine or perhaps your food intake is lacking in vitamins and your energy levels are low, Skinade will help to solve some of your problems. All skin conditions from acne, sensitivity, dry, combination or dehydrated skin can take Skinade – the blend of active ingredients will get to work boosting hydration levels, soothing inflamed or irritated skin, reducing redness and balancing out the skin tone, anti ageing at its best working from the inside out and finally for anyone wanting to add a daily shot of vitamins.





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