May 4, 2017

Taking Your Skin Into Summer

Each and every season can play havoc with our skin, from the cool autumn months into the freezing winter weather along with constant temperature changes chapping our delicate skin, to a cool fresh spring breeze leading into a hot sweaty summer.

The transition generally from winter into spring is minor, as our spring can be very chilly and the heating is still on so it’s important to keep a check on your hydration levels. Around the months of March to May skin begins to dry out as it naturally sheds off its winter coat, this is the time I find it hard to keep up with my skins needs.. In the colder months I can just slap on lots of oils and my skin will just keep drinking, however at this time you cannot overload your skin as it may cause break outs, milia and an imbalance in your skin.

Begin the switch over process by using a light daily moisturiser in place of your heavy winter creams, my summer time favourites are Time Bomb Glory Days for its matte luminous hydration fix / Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate / Elemis Pro – Radiance Flashbalm – these also allow space for your SPF 30 or 50 and enable your skin to breathe through the heat.

Keep up with your daily double Cleansing routine and slot in a weekly facial mask and exfoliating step twice a week for an extra deep clean.



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